Man draws Soldier Field from names of over 1,600 former players for 100th anniversary


PHILADELPHIA — Taking inspiration from a classic Chicago movie, a Philadelphia man created a portrait of Soldier Field out of the names of 1,600 plus former Bears.

Former art student Dan Duffy was inspired to try his hand at pointillism after the iconic Art Institute scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

“I remember the sequences of shots,” Duffy said. “Thinking, ‘woah that’s so cool.”

Fast forward a little to 2008, when his Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. Duffy decided to put his plan into action with his “Road to the World Series” piece.

It featured the names of every player and the scores of every single game on the way to the championship. The response was great, eventually leading to a partnership with Major League Baseball.

As more and more people bought his drawing, Duffy was able to turn this into a full-time job and expand to other cities.

In 2016, he created a “Road to the World Series” drawing to commemorate the Cubs’ World Series win. This year, he spent around 200 hours creating Soldier Field out of over 1,650 former players’ names.

“I daw it first in pencil then go over it with a ruler and pen,” Duffy said. “I write out all the names in chronological order then grab markers and color them in.”

He’s been donating the originals to charity. Duffy’s prints range around $50 and he says they make great holiday gifts for sports fans.

Duffy also created an impressive Wrigley Field, Chicago skyline and Navy Pier. He plans on doing one for Michael Jordan and the Blackhawks in the future.

You can purchase his prints here. Duffy will ship orders through Wednesday to make it in time for Christmas.


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