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NORTH CHICAGO, Ill. — North Chicago police are searching for a suspect after witnesses say a 38-year-old man was fatally shot and run over by another man Saturday night. Friends and family of Brian Wilson came together to console each other at the spot where he was killed Saturday night. They say he was shot, and then run over by the same person twice. His distraught mother, Nancy Lucas, is struggling to understand the brutal way in which her son was murdered. “The man spinned around when my son got out of the car, twice. Ran my son over like a piece of rag or a dog,” Lucas said.
A father of three, Wilson was dating Laquitta York, who says her jealous ex-husband is responsible for the violence. She says he wasn’t happy to see Wilson when he dropped their 3-year-old daughter off at her home. When Wilson and York left the home, she says the ex followed them to a gas station near 10th Street and Jackson Street. “The man followed my son over here to the Citgo gas station and started beating my son with his fists,” Lucas said. She and Wilson pulled into a nearby alley, York said, and Wilson got out of the car to confront the ex. That’s when witness Shawn Ramierz says he heard gun shots. Then York says her ex ran Wilson over not once, but twice. “…he had every intention of killing that man. Every intention,” York said. A video posted on social media by a witness shows Wilson receiving CPR in the aftermath. Wilson’s brother says he wants anyone with information on the killer’s whereabouts to come forward. “My brother is gone, my everything is gone; my heart, it hurts right now. We just want justice,” Donell Devost said. North Chicago police have not provided any information about the investigation. “I’d like to tell the world that my son had a beautiful heart,” Lucas said.