Bail set for $300K for man charged in connection to Englewood shooting that wounded 13

CHICAGO — A man accused in an Englewood shooting that left 13 people wounded early Sunday is being held on $300,000 bond, as he and his family maintain his innocence. Investigators said a group was holding a memorial birthday party in honor of a man who was killed as he attempted a carjacking in April Saturday night inside a vacant apartment on the 5700 block of South May. Then around 12:35 a.m. Sunday, police say a fight broke out inside the party and someone opened fire. The gunfire continued as people spilled out into the street and fled the scene. A total of 13 people, ranging in age from 16 to 48 years old, were injured. There were no fatalities, although several victims remain in critical condition. In court Monday, 37-year-old Marciano White was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and being an armed habitual criminal. White has two prior drug-related felonies on his record. “As officers were responding to the location of shots fired they observed this individual hastily leaving the location where shot spotter indicated 10 rounds had just been fired. Officers observed this defendant clutching a black bag,” said Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy. Police stopped White on the 1100 block of west 57th Street, near where the shooting took place. Prosecutors say they found a .357 magnum in a black bag, with five live rounds and one spent shell casing inside. Investigators say White admitted to being at the party with his girlfriend. Family members who came to court Monday didn’t want to talk on camera, but said he had nothing to do with the shooting. “He said everyone was trying to get out and he hid in a closet while multiple shots were fired. He went on to say he found a handgun on the stairs and grabbed the handgun in fear of the situation and the neighborhood,” Murphy said.
Mayor Lightfoot called the shooting an incredible act of cowardice after visiting victims at the hospital Sunday. An organization called Operation Wakeup held a rally in the neighborhood to call for a stop to the violence Monday, as people living and working in the neighborhood pray for peace. The Cook County State’s Attorneys Office says they did test White for gunshot residue, but that those results are not back yet. Chicago police say no one else is in custody at this time, and it remains an active investigation.


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