Man charged in connection with shooting that injured toddler on Lake Shore Drive did not fire gun: prosecutors


CHICAGO — A man facing gun charges connected to a road rage shooting that injured a 21-month-old boy is free on bond and shared his side of the story as prosecutors say he did not fire the gun that injured the boy.

Jushawn Brown was charged Thursday with unlawful use of a weapon. He was driving a car with his girlfriend and her grandson, Kayden Swann, near Soldier Field when Kayden took a bullet to the temple.

Initially, police said he fired his weapon, either before or after another driver fired but now they said he didn’t.

Prosecutors told Judge Charles Beach that Brown was driving with his girlfriend and grandson when the shooting occurred Tuesday. They say Brown placed a gun on his lap when the other driver brandished his gun.

While police initially said Brown fired shots at the SUV, prosecutors said he kept the gun in his lap. Brown’s gun was recovered by investigators.

Brown said, a simple check of his gun proved he did not fire it. None of the casings recovered at the scene matched his gun.

“I thought he was going to do something,” Brown said talking about the driver of the SUV. “I went down to grab [my gun]and put it on my lap to make sure everything was OK. I pulled off to get away from him. When I pulled off get away from him, that’s when he started shooting.”

Chicago police did not immediately respond to questions about the discrepancy between prosecutors’ court comments and police information.

“The investigation into whether the suspect fired the weapon remains ongoing,” said spokesman Sgt. Rocco Alioto.

Judge Charles Beach said Brown is not alleged to be the instigator or even accused of firing the gun.

On Thursday, the hospital issued a statement saying doctors were successful in lifting some of the sedation medication required to protect Kayden’s brain. They stated that some brain activity is returning to him.

“We are pleased to see Kayden make some recovery as he is demonstrating some return in brain activity,” Dr. Marcelo Malakooti, associate chief medical officer and medical director at Lurie Children’s Hospital, said.Shots fired from vehicle in three different instances on Lake Shore Drive: police 

He said it’s still too early to make “any meaningful prediction about his total recovery.” However, he said they are very optimistic about the signs they are seeing. He remains in critical condition at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

No other arrests have been reported. Chicago police spokeswoman Karie James said Thursday that police were still searching for the driver of the second vehicle, but she had no other information to release on that person.

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