Man arrested for shooting down drone he says was hovering over daughters in yard

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HILLVIEW, Ky. — A Kentucky man looked up in the sky above his home and wasn’t happy with what he saw: a drone. He shot it down, and believed he was right to do it.

47-year-old William Merideth was arrested for shooting down the drone. Merideth used a 12-gauge shotgun to bring it down after he says the drone was hovering over his yard where his two daughters were sitting.

But the drone’s owner, David Bogg, fired back against Merideth’s claims. Bogg said he was flying the drone at more than 200 feet over Merideth’s home. The video he received from the drone company showed it quickly passing by Merideth’s home before it was shot.

But Merideth told CNN there was more than one flight that day.

“We were in our own yard, had he been flying around and never stopped over my house, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” Merideth said.

Merideth was arrested after the incident on charges of wanton endangerment and criminal mischief. But Merideth said he was defending his right to privacy, saying the drone was hovering just 10 feet above his property.

William Merideth  (Bullitt County Detention Center)
William Merideth (Bullitt County Detention Center)

Both men say the facts will prove them right.

Bogg said he wants an apology from Merideth. Merideth says no way — and that he’ll see him in court.


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