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CHICAGO — A man charged with killing five people at a Northwest Side condominium complex is being held without bond. Krysztof Marek, 66, faces five felony counts of first degree murder. In bond court Friday, a Cook County judge described the weekend shooting rampage as “evil on steroids.” Marek, a retired truck driver who had lived in the building on the 6700 block of West Irving Park for 15 years, and was at one point the condo association president, is accused of attacking his neighbors as they sat down to eat at around 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

“All four bodies dropped to the floor around the table,” Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said. “Victim 1, victim 2, victim 3 and victim 4, all sat around a set dinner table, with food on the table untouched.” 

The retired truck driver then allegedly climbed the steps to the third floor, where he encountered a witness. The witness locked his door and rushed his wife and child to safety. “I was face to face with that man,” a witness told us. “I saw him… he saw me, and I know he’s coming.” Marek then allegedly shot another witness in the abdomen as she tried to escape. Police believe he followed her and then executed the woman with a shot to the back of the head. Police said the victims were a 61-year-old male, a 65 year-old-female, a 53 year-old-female, a 30-35 year-old-female, and a 40-45 year-old-male. They were transported to local hospitals, where they were pronounced dead. Two of the victims were identified as 43-year-old Tsvetanka Kostadinova and 53-year-old Jolanta Topolska.

The identities of the other three victims have not yet been released.

Authorities said Marek left two cryptic notes written in Polish that were tapped to his apartment door. One of the notes read: “No mercy. Remember whatever s— they do to you, you control it yourself, not them. Enough. You have to pay for it.” There were some clues pointing to a motive. Marek was living alone and not paying for his mortgage or association fees, Murphy said. Residents in the building tell WGN that police responded to the complex two months ago, over reports that Marek had hit the son of one of the women killed. In the last week, neighbors said they had very tense interactions with Marek. Five white crosses and flowers now sit in front of the complex to remember the victims.