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AURORA, Ill. — Suburban police have charged a 21-year-old after officials said he urinated and defecated in two different jail cells while in custody.

Jose Barragan was charged with two felony counts of criminal damage after police said he damaged an Aurora Police Department jail cell.

Barragan was arrested Monday as part of an investigation into shots fired in the 0-100 block of North State Street.

Police said while Barragan was being fingerprinted, officials discovered he had cannabis concealed in his hair.

Barragan was placed in a cell while an officer completed his report. Two hours later, he began banging and kicking on the door, police said. He then put the cell’s bedsheet into the toilet and attempted to flood the cell. He was then seen urinating on the floor.

A court detection technician stopped him and placed him into a different cell. After the door to that cell was closed, Barragan began to kick, yell and punch the door and window. Police said he was then seen defecating on the floor and then used his hands to pick up the feces and smear it on the cell and door window.

An hour later, Barragan was released from custody without charged from the shots fired incident.

He faces two charges for the incident in the jail cells — criminal damage to state property, deposit stink bomb and criminal damage to government property.