Malaysian flight missing, may have turned back before disappearing

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They are already well into Sunday morning in Malaysia, the FBI has team and the U.S. Navy has a ship heading to the area, but let’s be clear, no one is saying this is anything but an accident despite two passengers using stolen passports to board the plane.

Officially the plane is still listed as missing but few are optimistic and most, including those of the Malaysian community here in Chicago, are already passing along their condolences.

In Beijing where Malaysia airlines flight MH370 was supposed to land, families and loved ones of the 239 on board wait for word on what happened after air traffic control lost contact with flight shortly after it took off from Kula Lumpur.

Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein Malaysian acting Minister of Transportation, “We are trying to do everything in our powers to find where the plane is.”

A Vietnamese pilot spotted some oil slicks while flying over a search area in the South China Sea but so far no traces of the Boeing 777.

Jim Tilman aviation expert, “It sounds like a really bad situation.  I’ve been trying to come up with every scenario that it could just to explain this way but I haven’t been very successful.”

Catastrophic failure is the leading explanation for a plane with an excellent safety record.  The passengers on board hailed from at least a dozen different countries, though more than half were Chinese nationals.

Three were Americans ob board, an adult with ties to Texas who had been working in Asia for IBM and two young children ages 2 and 4.

Kim Tee of the Malaysian Club of Chicago says, “Kind of praying and waiting.”

Doctor Kim Tee, the founder and president of the Malaysian Club of Chicago says he’s been watching the coverage of the disappearance since last night.  Doctor Tee says there are about 300 to 500 Malaysian families in Chicago.

I’ve been trying to contact them all to find out if any family members find out if they are any passengers or not.

So far everyone he’s contacted has been accounted for, but he knows his country is hurting.

“Very difficult, my heart goes out the passengers and family and crew members.”

As the search continues, US authorities have been investigating what if any connection the two people who used stolen passports may have had in the disappearance.

Of the two passports one was reported stolen from an Italian the other from an Austrian who had their passport stolen more than two years ago.  Also tonight we are learning that 20 on board were working with a Texas based semiconductor company.


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