Madigan says she does not want history to repeat itself in Kavanaugh confirmation

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One of Illinois’ top female leaders shared her thoughts about the controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Lisa Madigan says rarely does history give us a chance to right a wrong, but now she says we have one.

The long-time Illinois attorney general felt compelled to write an op-ed in the Chicago Sun Times calling for history not to repeat itself during the confirmation process of supreme court nominee Kavanaugh.

“I very vividly remember being a first year law student when Clarence Thomas was going thru the confirmation process and Anita Hill testifying in front of the senate judiciary committee,” she said. “And just how horrible it was to see how they treated her.”

That was 27 years ago. Now in age of #MeToo, allegations of sexual misconduct have once again brought into question the memories and motives of two women who have  come forward to accuse Kavanugh of assaulting them in high school and college.

Madigan writes, “For women impediments to coming forward go beyond not being believed. Women feel they will be victimized again in the process. And statistics show they are unlikely to receive justice.”

She said that is not always the case when men come forward.  She points to the high-profile case here in Illinois where Scott Cross came forward decades later to tell about sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

“They are believed (instantly),” Madigan said. “They’re supported, they are not vilified.  We try to do everything we can to remedy what they’ve gone through. … Whereas you see women come forward and that’s not how they’re treated.  They’re usually not believed.  They usually end up revictimized and they usually don’t get justice.”

Madigan said ultimately what she’s most concerned about is that we, as a society, start treating survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence fairly. But she said this has become such a partisan issue, it remains to be seen if history will repeat itself or right a wrong.



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