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CHICAGO — The Made in Chicago Market is a showcase for some of the best apparel, housewares, and food and drink that Chicago has to offer

The showcase was held at the Plumbers Hall on the West Side on Sunday. If you’re a fan of the Windy City, it was the place to be. Everything offered was made in the city.

Seventy vendors were selling all of their home-made and home produced products, including Jennifer Burak who owns a Chicago-based screen printing and design studio with her husband in West Town.

“I just love Chicago and when I first moved to Chicago, I was biking around and I just loved the landscape and started taking photos and turned them into the products here,” Burak said.

Kimmer Olesak was selling,and demonstrating, his three and four-string guitars made out of cigar boxes.

“It’s really interesting to see how much stuff is mad here in Chicago. It’s just fascinating and great looking. I try to do this one every year and at Christmas,” Olesak said.

Whether it was jewelry, candy, paintings, or the red white and blue colors of the Chicago flag splashed onto various products, there was something there for every Chicago fan, even a Windy city staple, homemade pierogis.