Lynwood officials continue search for alligator

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LYNWOOD, Ill. — Members of the Lynwood Fire Department were out in a boat searching all afternoon Wednesday, a reptile expert here still on the lookout Thursday.

It’s now been three days now since the first sighting. Residents in Lynwood are anxious for a glimpse of the elusive gator swimming through their neighborhood.

“I think it’s kind of a little anomaly they like the notoriety that the quiet town of Lynwood is getting. It’s fun,” Denise Lily, Lynwoon resident, said.

Lake Lynwood is manmade, about eight feet deep surrounded by 300 homes — a pretty expansive body of water with lots of hiding places.

“Alligators can swim real fast don’t you know that?” Malikah Ahmad, a Lynwood resident, said. “They can go down all the way to the other side tha’ts why it’s hard to catch them.”

A member of the Herpetological Society was out in a canoe Thursday looking for the animal. He said he also set a trap and suspects the alligator was someone’s pet who lives nearby, and they dumped it in the water.

“Until it’s resolved I’d be worried about kids and small animals there are rocks it could walk right up there,” Lily said.

Lynwood officials are asking residents to stay away from the lake until they capture it, residents ready to give it a name.

“Chance the Snapper 2.0 we thought that was cute,” Lily said.

The alligator expert says sometimes the best time to find them is in the middle of the night. He says he plans to check his trap every few hours.

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