Lunchbreak: Molecular Gastronomy

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Chef Richie Farina

moto Restaurant
945 W. Fulton Market
(312) 491-0058

White Almond Gazpacho & Sliced Grapes

150 g bread, cubed and dried
450 g almonds, blanched no skin
75 g olive oil
90 g sherry
3  clove garlic
5 g Salt
1.5 L water

10    lbs. Red Seedless Grapes

4 Bunches Fresh Parsley
5 lbs. Blanched no skin Almonds


Bread Dice: To Be Prepped Minimum 4 Hours -24 Hours Before
1.    Trim crust off all edges of bread.
2.    Cut into 1/2inch Cubes & Set Aside To Stale Out.
3.    *MINIMUM 4 Hrs.*

1.    Place all ingredients in a blender and puree for 2 minutes or until smooth.
2.    Pass through a chinos.
3.    Once puree is completed; taste & add seasoning if necessary.

1.    Wash and pick grapes
2.    Place grapes in a isi canister
3.    Charge with 2 co2 chargers
4.    Let sit for 4 hours
5.    Depressurize by releasing gas

1.    Fine Mince Parsley & set aside
2.    Place almonds on sheet tray & bake 350f for 8 mins or until golden brown
3.    Let cool & Medium Chop


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