Lunchbreak: Enso Sushi chef Bob makes amusing mouth

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Amusing Mouth

1 oz mango; cut 3 1/2 inch long thin slices
1 oz avocado
1/4 oz serrano or jalapeno pepper; cut into 3 1/2 inch long thin slices
1 oz salmon
1 oz escolar
1/2 oz spicy mayo
3 sprigs cilantro; cut into 3 1/2 inch segments
1 large cucumber; cut into two 3 1/2 inch halves
1 makisu (bamboo rolling mat)
*All ingredients can be prepped ahead of time for quicker assembly.*

Using a very sharp knife, hold one half of the cucumber firmly in the palm of your hand and gently slide the knife into the skin.  Begin rotating the cucumber towards the knife while holding firmly between the thumbs.  Rotate both the cucumber and knife towards each other to peel into a 1/8 inch thin sheet.  Continue rotating the cucumber until peel reaches the center.  Cut the cucumber sheet into a 6”-7” segment.  Repeat this step with the other cucumber half. Gently flatten the segment on top of your makisu.  Place the salmon and escolar about 1/3 of the way onto the cucumber sheet. Position the remaining ingredients on top of the fish.  Starting at the end closest to the body, begin a pinwheel style roll using the makisu as a guide.  Roll firmly into a tube and release from the makisu.  Slice the roll into 5 equal slices and place on a serving plate.  Garnish with additional spicy mayo, pickled ginger and wasabi.

Spicy Mayo Recipe
Makes 1 cup

1 cup Japanese mayo (regular mayo can also be substituted)
1 Tbs Sriracha (hot sauce)
1 Tbs corn syrup
1 tsp sesame chili oil
1 tsp togarashi spice

Add all ingredients into a small bowl and mix well with a whisk.  Keep covered and refrigerated.

*The level of spiciness can be adjusted per your tastes and standards by adding more or less sriracha, chili oil and togarashi*


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