CHICAGO — Loyola University received the single largest donation in its 150-year history, the school announced Friday.  

$100 million dollars of scholarships are directed to Black, Latino and first generation students from ethnically and racially diverse families.

The gift provides scholarships and support services for promising, underrepresented students. It is for students who, in many cases, are the first members of their family to go to college, or work and study at the same time. 

John Schreiber, real estate investor and 1968 Loyola graduate, and his wife Kathy saw the need and directed their generous gift for the Loyola University $100 Million Transformational Scholarships. 
Included is full scholarship, room and board with comprehensive support services.  It is designed to empower students to attend and graduate.

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Loyola says the Schreibers investment is the beginning of a new, $500 million dollar initiative aimed at making the resources permanent. When fully funded, Loyola expects the project to cover the costs of hundred of students annually.