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Chicago Police are investigating the death of a lottery winner who was poisoned just after he got his winnings.

Urooj Khan, 46,  won a $1,000,000 scratch-off ticket last June after he paid $60 to buy two tickets at a 7-11 at 6801 N. Western Ave. in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

A check for his prize money of almost $425,000 was issued on July 19th.  He never got to see the check.

The next day, Khan came home from work, ate dinner and went to bed.   The Tribune reports that he woke up screaming and later died at an Evanston hospital.

The Cook County medical examiner ruled Khan died from natural causes, but police investigators took a closer look into his death after a relative raised concerns.

Last month, tests revealed that Khan died from cyanide poisoning and his death was ruled a homicide.

While a motive has not been determined yet, police haven’t ruled out that Khan was killed because of his big lottery win, a law enforcement source told the Tribune.

They are considering exhuming his body to determine how much cyanide he ingested or inhaled.

Khan lived in West Rogers Park with his wife, Shabana Ansari and their teenage daughter, Jasmeen Khan.  Khan owned three dry cleaners on the Far North Side and owned and managed several rental condominiums.

His wife told the Tribune  Khan was the “best husband on the entire planet” and she has spoken with police about the investigation.