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CHICAGO — Chicago Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot wants federal prosecutors to re-examine the so-called “code of silence” trial.

In a bench trial, a judge acquitted the three Chicago police officers accused of covering up Jason Van Dyke’s shooting of Laquan McDonald.

In an interview with NPR, Lightfoot says she is urging the U.S. Attorney’s Office to reopen their grand jury investigation to see if any civil rights were violated.

“I’ve urged the U.S. Attorney’s Office, my former colleagues, to reopen their grand jury investigation and if they determine that there are no civil rights violations they can bring, they need to have a fulsome grand jury report,” she told NPR. “We’ve got to have transparency and healing so that people are able to move on.”

The Fraternal Order of Police says it’s disappointed with that request since a judge found the defendants not guilty.