Longtime Oak Lawn resident sues village after claiming they’re trying to force her out


OAK LAWN, Ill. – A longtime Oak Lawn resident said the village is pressuring to sell her home.

In 2013, Wendy Walker was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease in 2014, which is an inoperable brain tumor. Five years later, she remodeled her home with hopes of moving to another one that’s more suitable for her physical needs.

Around the same time, the village approached her to purchase her and her neighbor’s property to expand the public works building.

Her neighbors have sold. Today, those properties remain vacant.

She has not because she believes the village is low balling her and disputes its appraised value of the property.

“My own appraisal and it came out about $100,000 more than the villages,” Walker said.

Feeling helpless, Walker is now suing Oak Lawn, accusing officials with either intentionally or negligently subjecting her to loud noises.

“5 o’clock in the morning on certain days, that’s the roughest part,” she said.

Walker often records what’s going on to share with the EPA and says there have been burning of dangerous toxic materials.

“The Village officials and Public Works department have caused not only a decline in Walker’s physical health but the continued ignorance and blatant ignoring of her complaints has created a great deal of strain on her mental health,” part of the complaint reads.

The village denied that they have been bullying Walker but did admit to having road and street material near her home.

“While this was not the first time the filler was prepared in the yard, it was the first time there was a complaint. Based on the complaint, the street crews have been instructed to take extra precautions to avoid such instances from happening in the future, including the relocation of the crack filler operations. As it pertains to the purported noise complaints, this again did not begin until after negotiations related to her residence failed. These claims have been thoroughly vetted and there is no evidence of excessive noise coming from the yard,” a spokesman for the village said.

Walker is seeking $100,000 from the suit.

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