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CHICAGO — Security lines at Chicago airports are getting longer and longer.  Authorities say they are working on the problem, but so far the problem persists.

The security lines are so bad, some people are missing their flights.

The check-in lines were so long Sunday night that passengers who missed flights had to spend the night sleeping on cots.

The screening lines at American Airlines were more than two hours long because TSA checkpoints are understaffed.

The Transportation Security Administration says it’s working to get more people aboard for the busy summer travel season.

Airlines are advising people to arrive at least two hours before their flights.

The airlines say they are deploying their own staff members to take over non-security functions, such as collecting bins and telling passengers to take out their laptops, so TSA screeners can focus on keeping the lines moving.

American Airlines says from May 8 to May 15, 795 people missed flights at O’Hare because of long TSA security lines. That does not include the 450 from yesterday. That is the most of any airport that American Airlines flies.

You can avoid those long airport lines if you’re a member of TSA’s Pre-Check Program. It costs $85 and you can apply online. TSA runs a background check on you, gives you an in-person interview, you’re fingerprinted and required to show valid ID. If everything checks out, you’ll be approved in two-three weeks for all of your summer travel.

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