Lombard woman, man charged with attempted terrorism after allegedly making Molotov cocktail


DuPAGE COUNTY, Ill. – A Lombard man and woman are facing charges after alledgelly conspiring to set police cars on fire with a Molotov cocktail.

Christian Frazee and Amanda Wolf are both charged with attempted terrorism and possession of incendiary devices. Frazee was arrested on June 1 in wake of protesting and riots after the death of George Floyd.

An officer arrested Frazee as he allegedly approached police cars at Lombard Village Hall with a lighter in one hand and a Molotov cocktail in the other.

Wolf was charged Wednesday and prosecutors said text messages between the two prove Wolf provided Frazee with the materials to make the Molotov cocktail.

“There were text messages between Co-defendant Frazee was telling Walsh I’m going to riot in Lombard, I’m going to cause some problems and I’m going to throw some – expletive – at the cop cars,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Bob Berlin said.

Wolf’s bond has been set at $750,000 and Frazee is free after posting $100,000 of a $1,000,000 bail.


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