Lockdown lifted after reports of student with a gun at North Side school

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CHICAGO — A frightening moment is followed by a sigh of relief on the North Side Monday, after a high school was placed on lockdown following reports of a student with a gun.

Parent Azemina Mujkanovic said she received a message from her son Monday morning that every parent fears: Senn High School was on lockdown.

“My son, he text me from school like, ‘someone in school has a gun,'" Mujkanovic said.

Some parents rushed to the school to pick up their kids, but the potentially dangerous situation ended with two arrests and no injuries.

“My daughter [said] that bookcases were moved in front of the doors and they just don’t know what’s going on,” parent Chip Russell said.

Fabian Rodriguez also rushed to the school after hearing his daughter was huddled in a closet, hiding with friends.

“They went into the classroom and hide in the closet, and they found more kids there," Rodriguez said.

When Chicago police arrived, they arrested two boys: a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old. Police say they recovered a pellet gun, and that nobody was hurt.

Still, the incident sent shivers through Senn High School community.

“It was really nerve wracking,” student Jahliyah Garcia said.

Senn High School Principal Mary Beck told parents in a statement:

“We learned that two students were each found in possession of a dangerous object and in both cases, the objects were confiscated. As a precaution, the school immediately notified Chicago Police and put the school on a lockdown. At no time were any students or staff in danger, and the matter is being handled according to CPS policy.”

Cintya Alarcon left early with her son Matthew, a freshman at the school, even though the school day went on as normal.

“I got a little scared, but I was glad he was OK,” Alarcon said.

It’s unclear what the students intended to do with the pellet gun, but parents say they believed the students were trying to make a video and using it as a prop.

Chicago police say charges are pending.


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