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CHICAGO — One of the worst traffic problem spots in the Chicago area could get a makeover if some local leaders get their wish. Local leaders want money from the federal infrastructure bill to go toward rebuilding the Eisenhower Expressway.

There has been a plan to reconstruct I-290 in the works for a while but it hasn’t had the funding. That could change as Illinois is set to take in about $17 billion dollars of the new $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill waiting to be signed by President Joe Biden.

Those supporting Rebuild 290 want a sizable portion of that money to go to directly to rebuilding the Ike from Hillside to the Byrne Interchange, which could include adding lanes in some spots. They also will call for improvements to the CTA Blue Line along the Ike.

Both Illinois chambers passed a joint resolution back in June calling for federal aid in speeding up engineering and construction on the Ike. These improvements would be part of a huge infrastructure boom for the state including fixing or rebuilding roads and bridges, upgrading power and water infrastructure and getting more people access to high speed internet. 

A more detailed plan is expected to be revealed at a press conference with state and local leaders around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning at the Old Post Office.