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Hey  Chicago what do you say, Cubs will win it all some day. And when they do,  you will party like its 1908. And it will be so much fun to watch.  I’ve been a huge Chicago fan since I started coming to town with the Astros back in 1986. Like just about everyone else in baseball, it has long been my favorite road city. Now I am thrilled to call Chicago home. I love the “bigness” of Chicago. Big buildings -big lake – big food – big personalities……Harry, Ronnie, Ditka, MJ, Clark freaking Griswold  – doesn’t get much bigger than that.

So, it’s on to Opening Day! It will be cold, maybe rainy but for baseball fans there is nothing like it. And even though this shapes up to be another tough year in the win-loss department, we will cling to the words of that great philosopher/pitcher Joaquin Andujar who said baseball can be summed up in one word: “youneverknow”



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