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CHICAGO — Legendary Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan has died.

He was 85.

Ryan coached two defenses that won Super Bowl titles and his twin sons Rex and Rob have been successful NFL coaches.

His agent, James Solano, said Ryan died Tuesday in Kentucky. He did not give a cause.

The always outspoken Ryan was a linebackers coach for the 1968 New York Jets and coordinated the ground-breaking 46 defense for the ’85 Chicago Bears, one of the NFL’s greatest defenses. He was also the only assistant coach to be carried off the field after a Super Bowl win.

He was a head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1986-90, and for the Arizona Cardinals in 1994-95, compiling a 55-55-1 overall record.

Ryan coached in the NFL for 35 seasons.

A few years ago, Ryan attended a Cowboys-Jets game, traveling to New Jersey despite battling cancer to see then-Jets head coach Rex go against then-Dallas defensive coordinator Rob.

Ryan’s health has been poor for quite some time after a cancer diagnosis in 2011.

Former Bears coach, Mike Ditka, spoke to WGN Morning News about working alongside the iconic defensive coordinator.

‘Da Coach’ told WGN that “the Bears of ’85 would not have been the Bears of ’85 without Buddy Ryan.”