Lawyers for woman convicted in murder of ex-Bears player’s girlfriend say they can prove her innocence

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CHICAGO — A woman claims she can prove she didn’t kill the girlfriend of former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle.

Marni Yang confessed she killed a pregnant Rhoni Reuter in 2007. Now, Yang’s attorney has petitioned for a reversal of her conviction.

The Chicago Tribune quotes Attorney Jed Stone as saying, there is a recorded phone call from back then, in which Yang said she planned to make up a story about her involvement in Reuter’s death.

Stone also says their forensic testing of the angle of the gunshots shows the shooter must have been taller Yang.

“A five foot shooter could not have made that trajectory path,” said forensic scientist John Larsen.

There is also a dispute of the vehicle used by the shooter. The defense says the vehicle seen in surveillance video is not a Volkswagen Rabbit like the one Yang owned at the time.

A team of 10 legal and forensic experts said Lake County investigators ignored evidence that did not fit their accusations.

“Lake County, Illinois has become the epicenter of wrongful convictions in the United States,” said Stone.

Lake County State’s Attorney Michael Nerheim, who was not in office during Yang’s trial, did not comment since it is a pending legal matter.

Stone said Yang feared her son would be arrested in the case.

She’s serving two life sentences. The petition seeks a whole new trial, or a new hearing on the evidence.

Yang’s children said investigators pressured them to make false statements that incriminated their mother.

“My mother was forced to confess to something that she didn’t do,” said son Andrew Yang. “That was only because the Lake County Task Force put so much pressure on me to basically confess to it also.”

“I remember the police raiding our home early in the A.M,” said daughter Emily Yang. “They didn’t even let me change out of my pajamas. They said we’re going for a ride. They took us to the police station and separated us.”



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