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The debate rages on about the cost, the design and the location of the Lucas Museum.

Friends of the Parks, a nonprofit designed to protect and preserve parks, filed a suit Thursday morning in federal court. Those behind the suit argue the seven story, $400-million project doesn’t belong on two existing parking lots. Once you lose the open space, they say there is no turning back.

The group discussed the issues at a meeting with the Union League Club in the Loop Wednesday night

But one Lucas Museum task force member says the idea of the museum, is at its core, good for Chicago.

The suit making the task force to rethink or at least explain its plans before the court may actually deliver some clarity about the building, its mission, and its place in Chicago.

The privately financed museum would sit between Soldier Field and McCormick Place. Friends of the Parks fought the Soldier Field renovation years ago and lost.

Environmental concerns may also be voiced during the lawsuit Thursday. But the parties would not be any more specific about it.