Lawsuit filed over suburban red light cameras

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OAK BROOK TERRACE, Ill. — One suburban town is suing another after it installed red light cameras at a busy intersection.

There’s new red light cameras at the corner of Route 83 and 22nd  street.  The city of Oak Brook Terrace got approval from IDOT to install the cameras there and they’re expected to be operational soon.

But next door neighbors in Village of Oak Brook are trying to stop that from happening.

Oak Brook filed a lawsuit against Oak Brook Terrace saying that it doesn’t have jurisdiction of the intersection.

It also argues that the red light cameras won’t make the area any safer and that they could keep shoppers from nearby Oak Brook mall hurting the local economy.

A lawyer representing Oak Brook Terrace told WGN News he prefers to make his arguments in court but is confident that the intersection of Route 83 and 22nd Street is in the city.  He says Oak Brook Terrace has full authority of the Illinois Dep of Transportation to install the automated traffic law enforcement system at that intersection.


IDOT says it decided to allow the cameras at Route 83 and 22nd Street late this spring for safety reasons after seeing video footage showing more than 100 violations at the intersection in 24 hours.

The Village of Oak Brook is skeptical and believes it was all political.  IDOT says that is not the case.




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