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A Chicago police commander accused of shoving his gun down a suspect’s throat now faces both felony charges and a civil lawsuit.

The lawsuit names CPD Commander Glenn Evans and the city of Chicago. It was filed in Federal Court this morning.

Evans faces felony charges for alleged misconduct against unarmed suspect Ricky Williams.

Attorney Antonio Romanucci outlined the case at a news conference this morning, surrounded by Ricky Williams and his loved ones.

The lawsuit claims Evans violated Williams’ civil rights in January, 2013 when he chased him into an abandoned building in the Grand Crossing neighborhood. Evans allegedly shoved his gun down Williams’ throat while also threatening him with a Taser to the groin as he sought a confession for gun possession.

No guns were ever found and after filing a complaint, Williams’ DNA was found on Evans’ service weapon.

Williams’ attorney claims the charges against Evans may not go far enough.

“We can certainly call it torture when there’s a Taser placed between your groin and a gun shoved down into your mouth that touches the back of your throat,” attorney Antonio Romanucci told reporters.

“This is something that the Chicago Police Department or any police department across America should never get away with,” said Jamie Eskridge, Williams’ mother.

Williams’ lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages as well as policy changes, noting that Evans was continually praised and promoted despite dozens of excessive force complaints over the years.