Lawsuit claims officer shot 12-year-old suburban boy during raid

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MARKHAM, Ill. — A suburban mother is suing two police departments, claiming officers shot and permanently injured her 12-year-old son during a pre-dawn raid.

Country Club Hills and Richton Park SWAT officers raided Crystal Worship’s home in Markham around 5 a.m. on May 26.  Officers were executing a search warrant for Worship’s boyfriend. He was arrested and charged with drug possession, but the case was dropped weeks later.

During the raid, 12-year-old Amir Worship, 13-year-old Eric Worship and 18-year-old Robert Worship were asleep in their beds when SWAT officers entered their bedrooms and aimed their assault rifles at them, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday.

The lawsuit alleges an officer shot Amir who was on the edge of his bed with his hands up. The officer took him to the hospital while his mother and brothers were held at the police station for five hours, the family’s attorney said.

The family’s attorney said Amir’s kneecaps were shattered and permanently damaged. According to an orthopedic doctor, Amir will walk with a limp and will have difficulty walking and running for the rest of his life.

WGN News reached to Country Club Hills and Richton Park police departments. They have not responded.


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