Lawsuit alleges abuse by Chicago police at Homan Square facility

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CHICAGO — Allegations of Chicago police abuse at their Homan Square Station are coming out in a federal lawsuit.

Three men say they were arrested, locked up and threatened with false drug charges if they didn’t give police information on a case.

“They were told, ‘If you tell anybody what happened, if you tell them what we did to you, we will take these drugs and plant them on you and arrest you,” attorney Blake Horwitz said at a news conference Friday.

The men claim they had no idea what the police were talking about. They also contend they were denied access to food, water and an attorney for up to nine hours.

The Chicago Department of Law’s Director of Public Affairs John Holden released the following statement about the lawsuit:

“We just received this suit and we are in the process of reviewing it. What we do know is that these individuals were present when a search warrant was executed which resulted in the recovery of 180 grams of cocaine, along with cash. We believe that this case should be dismissed on legal grounds. We intend to vigorously defend against it.”

The Homan Square facility was the focus an article in the British newspaper “The Guardian.”

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