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Lawmakers in Springfield have a busy two days ahead of them.  On the agenda: Concealed weapons, pension reform, gay marriage and the state budget.

A lot of what happened today happened behind closed doors in the office of House Speaker Mike Madigan in an effort to reach a compromise on concealed carry legislation.

Lawmakers want that done. They’re facing a court-imposed June 9th deadline. They’re close on that, and nearing a deal on expanding gambling.

House democrats went back and forth over the proposal that would put five new casinos in a state that’s in dire need of revenue, including one in Chicago. Proponents are still negotiating and working toward passage by adjournment Friday, but there’s some uncertainty about how the governor feels about the plan.

capitolGovernor Pat Quinn has vetoed two previous expanded gaming bills and this time insists that pension reform must come first. In short, he will not sign a gambling bill until lawmakers give him a pension bill he can put his signature on, one that does a lot to ease the state’s nearly $100 billion dollar funding shortfall.

Lawmakers in the house and senate scheduled to get back at it at 11 a.m. tomorrow