State lawmaker addresses letter to gay constituent

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A Republican state lawmaker is addressing a letter he sent to a gay constituent about same-sex marriages.

Rep. Tom Morrison, of District #54, received an email from Kathy Betts, who’s a lesbian and has been in a committed relationship for nine years. Her email urged him to support the legalization of gay marriages in Illinois.

Morrison responded by saying, “If one male and one female is discriminatory, then isn’t the limitation of marriage to just two people discriminatory, too? There are men who would like to marry two or more consenting females. Would you define their relationship as marriage, too? Could a man marry a consenting 9-year old girl? Why not? To refuse them would be discrimination. Again, where would you draw the line?”

He adds, “If you say a man and a 9-year old girl in marriage is absurd, then I would point out that only 20 years ago or so it would have been considered absurd that two men or two women could marry.”

Betts didn’t like his response.

“My reaction is angry, trivialized. He’s comparing same-sex marriage to things that aren’t same-sex marriages. Apples and oranges. He’s comparing it to polygmay and marrying a child,” said Betts.

“I personally answer those emails, and I write in a conversational style. And in this case, my original email, it looks like I’m getting burned by it. And my gut reaction is, well, I guess I’m just going to have to send out those bland emails that say nothing,” said Morrison.

WGN News Writer C. Hayes published this story.

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