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CHICAGO — The Coalition for a New Chicago is calling on elected officials to demand Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s resignation.

Protesters say they will put economic pressure on the city to meet their demands by initiating #BlackChristmas to shut down Michigan Avenue on Christmas Eve.

“The reason we’re doing that is because, how much is a human life worth?  That’s what’s happening here.  Schools have been closed down.  Mental health centers have been closed down.  All kinds of things that human beings need have been cut.  And we’re saying how much is a human life worth, it’s worth more than shopping on Michigan Avenue,” said Rev. Greg Livingston.

Stores along the Mag Mile reported losses between 25 and 50-percent from Black Friday after protesters shut down Michigan avenue for hours and prevented shoppers from entering many stores.

Protesters accuse elected and party officials of ignoring the demands of citizens who are calling for Emanuel to be held accountable for the handling of police misconduct cases.