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On tonight’s WGN News at Five, we’re taking a look at a few apps and gadgets that could make a great gift, or help you find something special for the mother in your life. Here are the apps we’ll be discussing….

Baby Connect $4.99 (iOS & Android) – This app will help you get organized when it comes to the new baby in your life. Instead of logging all of that feeding/sleeping/pooping information into a notebook that your older child takes and hides somewhere around the house, you can input into this nicely designed app. It lets you share the information among multiple users, which makes this perfect if both parents are working and you have a nanny in the home.

hipKey $89.95 (iOS & Android) – hipKey is a small (two-inch) device that will let you keep an eye on the things and people in your life. The device syncs with your smartphone, if it ever gets far enough away from you, an alarm will go off on the device and phone. You can keep it on your keys, even attach it to your kid to make sure they don’t wander out of the backyard.

H.Bloom FREE (iOS) – H.Bloom is known for its flower subscriptions, but now you can send all kinds of gourmet products to that special person in your life – think Sprinkles cupcakes and gourmet chocolate.

Chore Hero $2.99 (iOS) – This app will let you create a lists of chores and assign difficulty points to them. You can compete with people in your household and make cleaning a game.