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Erin Magina is one of over 1,500 volunteer ‘lasagna mamas’ taking part in a grassroots movement to help moms across the country during a difficult time.

“It’s really just a small act of kindness,” Magina said while making her second lasagna of the day.

The movement is called ‘Lasagna Love’, which began recruiting volunteers to whip up the classic dish for another mom in need.

“With all the different COVID things happening like remote school, job loss and working remotely, to be able to easily give one meal where a family can sit down and enjoy it together is just really comforting to know,” Magina said.

On the movement’s website, you can anonymously nominate a mom in need, request a lasagna meal, donate for groceries or sign up to cook.

“It’s really a nice way to show support and show them you’re here for them,” Magina said.