Lakeshore Flood Warning strands vehicles, causes damage Saturday

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CHICAGO — A Lakeshore Flood Warning has caused numerous reports of damage and stranded vehicles as the city deals with its first major winter storm this season.

At 72nd Place, where the street ends at the lake, windows along homes have reportedly been blown out because of waves and debris.

“The street in front of our driveway completely collapsed,” resident Cathy Mican said.

Streets are buckled with parts of concrete missing. As water moved up to the doors on vehicles in the area, a postal truck became stuck.

With snow moving in Saturday night, drivers who had to abandon their cars are not sure when they’ll be able to safely move them.

“My husband has talked to a couple of neighbors who are terrified and checking their basement every 30 minutes,” Mican said. “(To) make sure there’s no flooding.”

South Drive Drive was closed Saturday between 67th and 69th Street as crews worked to fix manhole covers to get water into sewer systems.

On Sunday, a sinkhole opened up at the end of 73rd Street near the lake.


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