Lakeshore flood advisory remains in effect Sunday

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CHICAGO — Waves are expected to reach as high as seven feet Sunday, and while the beach season is over, and swimming isn’t allowed, rescue crews saved a man who got dragged into the water just Friday night.

Strong winds and high waves made for dangerous conditions along Lake Michigan. It made it difficult for joggers, bikers, or even photo takers near North Avenue Beach.

The National Weather Service issued a lakeshore flood advisory Saturday. It will remain in effect until Sunday evening.

That means spray and flooding could reach portions of Lake Shore Drive and bike paths.

Although the beach season is over, rip currents could pull someone swimming quickly into deeper water — which happened Friday night at Loyola Beach, when firefighters had to jump into action.

“They got to him just as his hand went under.”

Four firefighters saved a 20-year-old man who got pulled some 300 feet from shore,” Battalion Chief Frank Cambria said.

Cambria said the waves were high and the water temperature was about 58 degrees. He said they were worried about hypothermia setting in.

The victim was just about underwater when Captain Finnegan got to him, they kept him afloat until help got to them,” he said.

They knew they didn’t have time to wait for water rescue crews so they went in themselves.

We roped up and we swam out, he was going down, it wasn’t really a choice,” Capt. Michael Finnegan, said.

It’s not clear why the man went into the water, but because of the firefighters, he made it out.


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