Lake Park HS didn’t catch convicted sex offender; parents say don’t blame head coach

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ROSELLE, Ill.  — Officials at a suburban school district said they didn’t conduct a background check on a volunteer assistant football coach, and didn’t know until recently he was a convicted sex offender.

According to the district, Lake Park High School officials failed to submit the name of the volunteer coach as required. Head football coach Chris Roll has been suspended, and Principal Dominic Manola and Athletic Director Pete Schauer were placed on administrative leave.

On Wednesday night, parents attended a special meeting of the school board, which is considering further disciplinary action. However, several parents told board members they’re worried Coach Roll is being made a scapegoat.

“Chris Roll absolutely seems to be targeted by this entire investigation. The way that the email went home today really says, ‘oh this was Chris’ fault,'” one parent said at the school board meeting. “Well I’m an attorney, and when you look at the law, it’s not only the employee who is at fault. It is the people who are in charge of that employee as well.”

The volunteer coach was convicted of sexually abusing a minor in the early 1990s. The district said there are no allegations that he acted inappropriately while volunteering at Lake Park High School.


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