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Halloween has passed, but the zombies are continuing to surface at Navy Pier.

On Halloween night a floating haunted house sank after the high winds and waves came through.

Crews continue to work to get the barge out of the water and in the process, they are recovering zombies.

The owner of the Zombie Containment has watched the repair efforts pull the battered masterpiece out piece by piece.

“It’s an unbelievable amount of effort from painters to costume makers,” said owner John LaFlamboy. “So to watch it sink was very heartbreaking for a lot of us.”

Wednesday divers were in the water to help pull out 10 large containers that made up the haunted house.

LaFlamboy says it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. He also says there are about 50 zombies and only a handful have been recovered. This could lead to some interesting work for the Coast Guard next Spring.

Video Courtesy WBEZ & Pictures Courtesy Tiela Halpin