Lake County jail inmate kills himself

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The inmate was a 36-year-old man who hanged himself in the jail just after 3a.m. this morning. He hanged himself with a piece of mesh, from a laundry bag he had sneaked through an air vent, according to the Lake County sheriff’s department.

His name was Igor Karlukov. Karlukov was awaiting trial on a number of charges including stalking, domestic violence and home invasion.

The sheriff’s office says the victim was his girlfriend. The department also says while there were no signs the inmate may commit suicide back in March guards found a cut on his neck.

Karlukov said he got it from a fall. He was taken to see mental health officials at the jail who cleared him. Still he was placed on suicide watch and was checked on every fifteen minutes.

Early this morning it looked like he was standing near the toilet when the guard returned and found him in the same position the guard opened the cell and found him unresponsive.

The department said it held the press conference Friday to be transparent. In 2012 two inmates died. One after an altercation with a guard that left him paralyzed. The county settled that lawsuit for 2 million dollars.

The other case involves a mentally ill woman who wouldn’t eat or drink, that lawsuit is still pending. Police say, in this case, guards did everything right. After the 2012 deaths the county commissioned an investigation of the jail and its employees. The investigation is finished but it has yet to be reviewed.


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