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KILDEER, Ill. — Lake County Republicans are moving ahead with plans to raffle-off at least a dozen guns just a dozen days after America’s worst modern-day mass shooting.

The Lake County GOP said the plans had been in the works for over a year and it was too late to change now. But it was not too late to help raise money for police who responded to the tragedy in Las Vegas.

Among the guns being raffled off is an AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle.

“I’m sure there will be people that don’t agree with what we’re doing, but that’s the democratic process,” Mark Shaw, Lake County Republican Committee, said. “I say [to those that disagree] that the Second Amendment says what it says and that it is in the constitution.”

It’s all right there in the name of the event–The Second Amendment Dinner and Gun Raffle. Along with the “Rifle Raffle,” there’s a 12-guage shotgun, 9-millimeter handgun and other gun offerings up for grabs.

It’s the first event of its kind for Lake County Republicans but it’s certainly not the first event of its kind in Lake County, not even recently. It’s just the timing being close to the massacre in Las Vegas.

Organizers said it’s too late to change course to return deposits and change plans that began long ago. So, the charitable portion of the event will benefit first responders in Las Vegas.

“The fact that one sick individual decided to kill and injure so many innocent people doesn’t mean that the Second Amendment isn’t something that should be protected,” Shaw said.

Organizers said Friday’s event will provide a big chunk of money to support Las Vegas law enforcement.

Local Democrats, among them State Senator Terry Link, said they’re showing incredible disrespect to the 58 victims of last week’s mass shooting.