Kidnapped 3-year-old aids police in his own rescue

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OGDEN, Utah — A toddler is safe after being kidnapped Tuesday morning in Utah, according to local authorities.

FOX13 in Salt Lake City, Utah reports the boy’s mother was dropping off another child at daycare when a suspect stole the vehicle she was driving, which had the three-year-old inside.

Ogden police in Utah said they called the mother’s cell phone, which was still in the car, hoping either the suspect or the boy would answer.

“A three year old child answered the phone,” police later recounted on the department’s Facebook page. “The suspect fled the area.”

The boy told police he was alone in the car, at which point they asked him to honk the horn so they could locate him, according to a statement by authorities.

Police found the boy “within a few minutes,” authorities said.

3-year-old Aiden was then reunited with his mother, Elizabeth. According to FOX13, the whole ordeal took 45 minutes.

Police are still searching for a suspect.

The boy was honored by police as “Jr. Police Officer for the day for his heroic acts,” the department later tweeted.


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