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CHICAGO — Actor Jussie Smollett pleaded not guilty Monday to restored charges that accuse him of staging an attack against himself last year.

Smollett plead not guilty to six counts of disorderly conduct after special prosecutor Dan Webb announced the charges earlier this month. They stemmed from the alleged staging of a hate crime outside his streeterville apartment last year.

Smollett was charged after Chicago police determined his story was made up.

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx ultimately dropped charges against Smollett amid questions of her handling of the case.

Smollett’s legal team filed a motion with the state Supreme Court claiming the judged erred in assigning a special prosecutor and that the indictment is invalid due to double jeopardy
“He’s obviously frustrated to be dragged through this process again,” his attorney Tina Glandian told reporters after the hearing.

She called the revived prosecution “an ordeal” for Smollett and said he has the support of relatives, some of whom flew out from California to be with him.

“He’s strong, he’s resilient, he’ll get through this, but he’s frustrated,” she added.

WGN legal analyst Terry Sullivan said the double jeopardy argument doesn’t hold water.

“I think it’ll go to trial,,” said Sullivan. “The question is in what form? If his attorneys are successful…he has the opportunity to try to say that the fact the he did some community service and the fact that he paid the fine that those were punishment and therefore rise to the stake of double jeopardy.”

Smollett is out on $20,000 bond. He’s due back in court on March 18.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.