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CHICAGO — On trial for the stabbing death of boyfriend Trenton Cornell, Wyndham Latham has been found guilty of first-degree murder.

It took the jury about 90 minutes to unanimously find Wyndham Lathom guilty of Trenton Cornell’s murder.

During today’s closing arguments, the defense called this case a “meth infused jealous rage,” resulting in the stabbing death of Cornell.

During testimony, the jury learned that Andrew Warren flew from Britain to meet Wyndham Latham in Chicago in July 2017.

The day after Warren’s arrival, he, along with Latham and Cornell, was high on meth at Latham’s condo.

While at the condo, prosecutors say Cornell was stabbed 79 times. Latham claims he hid in the bathroom while Warren stabbed Cornell.

Prosecutors assert Latham was the mastermind behind Cornell’s murder. They also argued that a wound on Latham’s hand proves Latham held the knife used to kill the 26-year-old. Additionally, in their attempt to prove Latham’s guilt, they reminded the jury of a video Latham shared with his parents where he stated quote “I took that all away when I killed him.”

The defense claimed Warren told Latham quote, “let’s kill Trent.” In Latham’s defense, one of his attorneys argued Latham’s innocence partly because he claims Latham didn’t try to hide a blood-covered knife, which the defense states didn’t show evidence of Latham’s fingerprints.

Andrew Warren has already pled guilty and was sentenced in connection to Cornell’s death. Some of Cornell’s loved ones were in court Thursday but declined to speak with WGN.

A post-trial hearing is set for Nov. 4.