Judge, sheriff’s deputy tackle defendant trying to flee

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A Cook County sheriff’s deputy and a judge had to tackle a defendant who tried to run out of a courtroom.

It happened Friday at the Criminal Courts Building at 26th and California Avenue.

Judge Nicolas Ford told 32-year-old Vongia Weathers his bond would be increased, because he tested positive for marijuana, cocaine, methadone and heroin, and violating terms of his bond.

“He almost immediately became violently opposed to what was going on,” Ford said in a phone interview. “He shoved and punched a deputy and attempted to leave the courtroom.”

Weathers then shoved and punched the deputy standing nearby, and tried to escape.

The deputy managed to grab him, and the judge helped restrain him.

“We were rolling around for five minutes,” Deputy Fred Holcomb said. “It took every bit of both of our strength just to keep him there. His family was screaming. It was complete craziness.”

It took more than eight deputies to subdue Weathers and remove him from the courtroom, police said.

The Chicago Tribune contributed to this story.


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