Judge orders already jailed Trudeau jailed again

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A federal judge in Chicago today ordered TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau  jailed for once again failing to come clean about his assets, but the rub was that Trudeau was already behind bars following his conviction in a separate federal courtroom last week for criminal contempt of court.

With Trudeau standing before the bench in an orange jail jumpsuit, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Gettleman laid into him like Dean Wormer scolding the gang at the Delta house. The judge told the best-selling author and motivational speaker that his latest order of incarceration was on top of any sentence he faces in his criminal case.

“I just don’t believe him,” Gettleman said of Trudeau, noting he had already jailed him twice recently to try to force him to pay a $37 million fine “and it hasn’t happened.”

Gettleman was upset over the latest financial report that showed nearly $75,000 had been transferred in August from a Swiss bank account in Trudeau’s name to his personal assistant and a company owned by his longtime associate, Lee Kenny. The transfers occurred nearly a month after Gettleman had frozen Trudeau’s assets and directed him to disclose any funds hidden overseas to a court-appointed receiver.

On Sept. 20, the day after Trudeau was released from an overnight stay at the Metropolitan Correctional Center – also courtesy of Gettleman — he met with the receiver and claimed to have “just remembered” an account at Migros Bank in Zurich, court records show.

Trudeau’s attorney, Thomas Kirsch, said today the assistant had made the transfers herself using Trudeau’s login and password and that he had nothing to do with it. After more than 20 minutes of back-and-forth arguments by a roomful of attorneys, a weary-sounding Gettleman cut them off, saying it was pointless to squabble over such a small amount of money when it’s likely that millions of dollars more are missing.


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