Judge allows Crystal Lake teen who was detained by ICE to post bond


CHICAGO — A Crystal Lake teen who was detained by immigration authorities should be back in school soon after a judge allowed her to post bond.

Meydi Guzman Rivas, 18, came to the United States two years ago with her father to get away from violence in their native country of Honduras.

She and her father were in Crystal Lake where Meydi excelled as a student and was set to graduate this spring. That was all thrown in jeopardy in October when they were arrested by ICE for allegedly missing a court hearing on their immigration status.

She’s been detained in a facility in southern Illinois away from her dad.

Since she was first detained, her school counselor Sara Huser has been trying to help her. She and her husband and four children will take her in when she is released Thursday.

Sara and John Huser not only agreed to pay her $2,000 bond to get her released, but plan on taking her in while her father’s case proceeds through the court system.

We are just so happy for Meydi. It was the happiest we’ve ever seen her,” John Huser said. “We’re going to have a little party and try to get some of her friends over.”

More than just friends will likely show up to celebrate her release.

“She’s been terrified this entire time. She misses the people that she’s come to know. Being able to assist her and get her out of there is fantastic,” attorney Nate Rayes said. “But in all honesty, all of the praise as to go to the community of Crystal Lake and specifically Sara and John Huser who have stepped up in such a fashion.”

Meydi has filed for asylum and that case is pending. No hearing date has been set.

She is expected to be transferred to Chicago and then taken to Crystal Lake.


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