JOLIET, Ill. — Supply chain troubles continue to create a car crunch across the country. Prices are rising as supply can’t keep up with demand.

So why are there hundreds of new cars sidelined in the suburbs?

The Chicagoland Speedway is a parking lot these days.

Row after row of brand-new cars fresh from Ford’s assembly plant in Chicago.

So what’s happening here?

The cars lack semi-conductor chips.  It’s not that they won’t operate but certain components, like rear seat heating and air conditioning controls and other add-ons are inoperable without the chips.

But demand is now so high, Ford has decided to begin selling these cars with essentially an IOU. They promise to install the non-critical components down the road once the overseas producers can catch up.

In the meantime prices for new cars are going through the roof. In the last year, new car prices are up 12%.And there’s such a shortage, used car prices are up even more, 41%..

 A Ford spokesperson said all of those parked cars in Joliet will undergo a comprehensive quality inspection before being shipped.