JOLIET, Ill. — A popular Joliet rodeo has been hit with a temporary restraining order after an animal rights group documents alleged animal abuse.  

This is part of a Mexican-style rodeo act which is popular not just in Illinois but around the country.  They’re well-attended with musical acts, food and alcohol being a big part of the experience. they can operate as long as owners follow animal welfare rules. 

Recently, an organization approached Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow with a video that showed a steer suffering a leg injury during a Joliet Labor Day rodeo act. 

Steve Hindi leads the organization “Showing Animals Respect and Kindness” or SHARK.

He said, as far as he could tell, the animal didn’t get the proper care that day.  

“He should’ve been secluded if a vet is not on site,” he said. “The vet should have been called immediately and the animal needs to be put down. It did not happen.  It certainly did not happen in the nearly three hours that we were there.” 

Glasgow has filed an emergency temporary restraining order against the Horseman Association Club of the North of Joliet which runs a rodeo venue known as La Herradura on Briggs Rd. It attracts thousands of people each year. 

Glasgow described what he saw in the video that led him to file the order.

“They were doing tail stripping, tripping horses and using the electric prod, not on their posterior but their heads,” he said.

He said in this particular case the behavior doesn’t follow the Humane Care of Animals Act. Glasgow wrote the Illinois Animal Torture Statue and is standing by it.  

“What we did here is available to any jurisdiction and it’s very effective,” he said. (La Herradura) is a money-making operation and will be shut down unless they obey these rules.” 

The animal rights group SHARK has also filed a lawsuit in Boone County, accusing the county of violating its own zoning rules by issuing permits where alleged animal cruelty is taking place. 

WGN Investigates asked Will County for documents linked to the rodeo cases but due to an ongoing investigation they were not able to release them. 

The Horseman’s Association Club did not respond to the request for a comment.