JOLIET, Ill. — Police were set to provide an update on a homicide investigation which began Sunday morning when a woman was found shot and killed in a car and a two-year-old unharmed in the backseat. However a spokesperson for the department came out at the set start time to say they must postpone.

24-year-old Maya Smith was shot multiple times and found in an alley near the 1200 block of Clement Street, according to the Joliet Police Department.

Officers were initially called to the alley to investigate a parking complaint, according to police.

The child was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center for a precautionary medical evaluation and was released to family members, according to police.

The update was scheduled to be provided through a prepared statement after which officials said they were going to take a limited number of questions, however the spokesperson stated they had received new information within “the last 10 to 15 minutes” which made it necessary to postpone the press conference.