Jacob Blake’s family holds protest in Kenosha ahead of officer charging decision


KENOSHA, Wisc. – Jacob Blake’s family and community members held a protest Monday evening ahead of the grand jury charging decision regarding the officer who shot him, which is expected later this week.

It started at a barber shop on 52nd Street and continued around Kenosha.

A decision is expected soon on whether officer Rusten Sheskey will face any charges in the Aug. 23 shooting of Blake.

The 29-year-old Evanston native was shot seven times in the back while trying to get into his vehicle, after officers responded to the scene on a domestic call.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice said Blake later admitted to having a knife in his vehivle, but it was unclear if he was reaching for it.

Officer Sheskey was placed on administrative leave, pending the investigation.

Blake’s family said they want him fired and charged with attempted murder.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evens said Monday that around 500 National Guard members have been mobilized in Kenosha ahead of the announcement.

Blake’s family feels the GA has made its decision.

“Think about how it looks. What is the National Guard for? Are they going to deliver mail? They got ice cream cones? What do you think they’re here for?” Blake’s father said. “We’re ready.”

Kenosha police said there will be an increased presence around the public safety building, courthouse and throughout the city. A City Council meeting is also being held Monday night to further discuss safety measures and a proposed emergency declaration.


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